Parents & Friends Association

At Mentone Park we value the role that parents play as partners in the education of their children. We encourage the whole school community to be active participants in the school and to interact positively with the school and each other. There are many opportunities for parents to be involved in the school, including working in our famous “Kids’ Café”, becoming a member of the Parents and Friends’ Association (P.F.A.), becoming involved in the School Council, either as a Councillor or as a member of a sub-committee, as well as helping at our regular working bees.


Parents also play a vital role at Mentone Park in our classroom programs, and as such a Parent Helper training program is run during the year to enable parents to be involved in their children’s classroom programs. The program gives parents some basic understanding of the literacy program offered at school and provides parents with the skills and knowledge to be effective classroom assistants.


Parental involvement in school life is a great way to help your child feel a greater sense of belonging to the school.  The Mentone Park population is truly special with its community focus and parental involvement!


All members of the community are invited to be a member of the P.F.A. The aims and objectives of the PFA are:

  • to contribute to the wellbeing of the school community
  • to encourage the participation of all parents in the life of the school and the education of their children
  • to provide opportunities for all parents of students of the school to discuss issues concerned with the welfare and the
  • general education policy of the school and to assist in the development of a shared parent view
  • to contribute to proposals on school policy and other educational issues to the school council
  • to provide opportunities for parents to get to know each other and to be informed about their child’s school
  • to provide information for parents to extend their understanding of school issues
  • to work in cooperation with the school council and the principal
  • to raise funds for the benefit of the school.


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