Welcome to Mentone Park Primary School

At Mentone Park Primary School our core purpose is to ignite a passion for learning and prepare our students for the future.

We achieve this through a relevant and challenging curriculum that enables students to achieve educational excellence and ignites their creativity and passion for lifelong learning. This is provided in an environment that is supportive and inclusive, allowing students to become confident and creative individuals. Developing connections is a major focus of our school community and we encourage students to connect with their peers, their school, their community and with the wider world, enabling them to become active and informed citizens.

Our core purpose is underpinned by our TIER of values – Teamwork, Integrity, Excellence and Respect. With a major focus on curriculum development and Personalised Learning, our dedicated staff are continuously improving their knowledge and skill base to deliver relevant and engaging programs to our students. Our Literacy and Numeracy programs are complemented by an integrated, inquiry based approach to learning about the world around us.

We provide additional Literacy Support and Enhancement teachers to support and challenge our students, especially in the Early Years where foundational learning is paramount.

We work continuously on developing our teacher capacity to ensure we offer a rich and rewarding teaching and learning program that is current and relevant to our students’ needs. Our dedicated teachers work in teams to plan and deliver a rigorous and consistent curriculum. Learning is personalised to cater for a diverse range of student abilities, offering extension and enrichment activities.

Teaching the whole child and developing strong connections and relationships with the school community is paramount to the school’s vision and goals. Multimedia is an essential learning tool and at MPPS we use Net Books, laptops and iPads to enhance learning opportunities. The school curriculum is enhanced through our specialist program which consists of Visual Arts, P.E., L.O.T.E (Italian) and Performing Arts.

A strong wellbeing program underpins the school’s educational philosophies. The Restorative Practice philosophy guides student wellbeing practices by developing responsibility and building relationships.

Parent involvement is an important element of our learning community. Parents are encouraged to take an active role in the education process through the School Council and sub committees, PFA and classroom programs including Parents as Helpers for literacy, invitations to student learning celebrations, evening presentations, Family Fun nights and sports days.


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