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Rising Star: Hugo Triumphs at State Championship

Hugo competed at School Sports Track and Field State Championships yesterday, securing two 2nd and one 3rd place position out of approximately 100 multiclass kids. What an achievment! A big congratulations to Hugo, we are all super proud of you!

Art and S.T.E.A.M Show 2023

Last week's Art and S.T.E.A.M Exhibition was a vibrant and creative display of students' work produced during S.T.E.A.M and Art classes over the course of the school year, showcasing a wide range of artistic talents and expressions.

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New Covered Outdoor Learning Area - There's more to come

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A Vibrant End to Term 1!

This afternoon our community came together to raise funds for new computers in our Middle School with a Colour Spectacular.

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Our Superhero Students...!

What’s your Superpower?

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Our Exciting New Junior School Building...

Our new Junior School building is complete and I am sure you will all agree it looks amazing. From the giant eagle winged roofline, representing Bunjil the Creator, to the passive play space and Yarning Circle this building pays its respects to our past, our present and our future.

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Virtual Tour

Welcome to Mentone Park Primary School. Join some of our students as they walk you through our classrooms, specialist spaces and spacious school grounds. Mentone Park Primary School ....... Come and feel the difference.

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Welcome to Mentone Park Primary School

At Mentone Park Primary School our core purpose is to ignite a passion for learning and prepare our students for the future.

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A New Dawn

After 12 months of construction and years of planning our brand new learning space is nearing completion, with our new Junior School students about to begin their time in this amazing new building.

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Auslan begins at Mentone Park in 2023

After much research and discussion from staff, school council and your feedback we have made the very exciting decision to introduce Auslan to the Mentone Park Primary School Curriculum in 2023.

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Green Gang Leaders Win.......

Our Green Gang (Environmental and Sustainability) Leaders presented a video at the Kingston Big Green Schools Conference about the food growing, composting and waste reducing projects at Mentone Park Primary School. Have a look and see some of the fantastic work our students are doing.

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Thanks to your fundraising generosity we have recently purchased a wide variety of books to be shared across the school. Selections include Pig the Pug, Bluey, Disney Twisted Tales and picture story books, Minecraft, Harry Potter, Zac Powers, Pokemon, the Bad Guys series.

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Term 1: Jan 31 - April 6
Term 2: April 26 - June 23
Term 3: July 10 - September 15
Term 4: October 2 - December 19 

Curriculum and Professional Practice Days - No students at school

January 27            – Expectations and Preparation (Curriculum Day)

Monday April 24     – Numeracy Professional Learning (Curriculum Day)

Monday May 29     – Moderation / Reporting / Assessment (PPD)

Friday July 28        – Numeracy Professional Learning (Curriculum Day)

Friday Nov 24        – Moderation / Reporting / Assessment (PPD)

Wed Dec 20            -Last day of school (Curriculum Day)

Curriculum Days are for whole staff professional learning, specifically targeted to a school curriculum prioity. For 2023, our school focus is Numeracy.

PPD's (Professional Practice Day) are set aside for individual teachers to focus on work specific to their classroom. For 2023, this will focus on Reporting and Assessment.

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