Building Leadership Capacity

Mentone Park Primary School offers its students opportunities to develop their leadership skills through a variety of avenues and experiences. Our School Captains and Vice Captains work with our Level 6 leadership Group to demonstrate outstanding qualities to be admired by all students. These students are elected by their peers for these roles, which are seen as an honour and privilege. We also have a Green Gang to lead our environmental and sustainability programs, Marine Ambassadors, Techsperts as well as a other positions of responsibility in the school.

School Captains

C: Miles and Summer
VC: Phoenix and Emme

Our School Captains for 2021 are Miles and Summer and they will be supported by Phoenix and Emme as our Vice Captains.


Their role is to represent the school at various events and activities and to help run the school assemblies. School Captains support the vision of the school and are exemplary leaders in modelling school values.

Senior Leadership Group

Sonny, Amy, Manny, Jasmine, Mitchell and Petra

In conjunction with our School Captains and Vice Captains we also have a group of six highly regarded student leaders who each play an important role in our school. They lead our assemblies on a Friday afternoon, lead groups through whole school activity days as well as being role models for all students to follow.

Green Gang

The Green Gang work hard to reduce our impact on the Earth. Their mission is to contribute positively to create a clean, safe and healthy environment and preserve its precious resources for future generations.


The Green Gang members and leaders address students at the school assembly, plan, organise and assist with the running of environmental activities such as Walk to School Day, Rubbish Free Lunch Challenges and National Tree Planting Day. They also coordinate the little day-to-day actions such as composting, paper recycling and watering the veggie patch with water caught from under the drinking taps.


Everyone is encouraged to help which really adds up to make a BIG difference in saving the world!

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